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who do you hate more?

Special Agent 25


113 members have voted

  1. 1. who do you hate more?

    • IGN Crew
    • Merryweather
    • LSPD
    • MC Crews
    • All of them, they all suck..
    • None.
    • Other
  2. 2. It's 11PM, do you know where your pants are?

    • yup, im wearing them.
    • No.. lost them i think.
    • Wtf?
    • Don't Care
    • What pants?

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Other: Tank griefers.

And yes, I am self conscious and do know where my pants are at all times.

i too voted other: tank griefers and for pitters

and yes i'm always wearing pants (always)! :lol:

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cops seemed a boring answer, but it's the right answer.

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I mostly hate LSPD and Merryweather and other armed NPC's. To date, they are fully capable of:

  • Taking out your body armor in seconds while you fly a helicopter hundreds of feet above the ground.
  • Shooting you accurately while in a helicopter hundreds of feet above the ground.
  • Blasting you with a shotgun without even raising it to aim first.
  • Landing multiple consecutive hits when blind-firing from sniper rifle range.
  • Appearing out of nowhere in a car 50 meters ahead of you, ramming you, and then unloading your body's weight in lead into said body before you can react.
  • Upon seeing one of their allies suddenly die, turning around and shooting at your location (no matter how far away) in the time it takes you to cycle the bolt on your sniper rifle.

Compared to the fairly realistic gangsters of GTA IV, these guys are super soldiers. Thankfully it has become pretty easy to predict when the game is going to throw these 'super soldiers' at you. I for one bring a buzzard with me to any mission that requires you to get away in a boat, if you've played missions like this I don't need to tell you why.

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Mw mercenaries, when I hire his services only sent a couple off jeeps (I like to watch at tv), but when are sent to me they only stop when hide at home or when I die.

Also you can't call mercenaries when in passive, but can be the target....why?


Wanted stars coming from nowhere just for being near cops


Entity owners who apparently only can drive backwards


Ugly people



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IGN crew.


I'm sure there are some nice enough people in the crew, but if you're representing the worst gaming site on the internet, you deserve the hatred and sniper rounds coming your way.


What pants....? ;)

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