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Taxi "Hurry" is broken?


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As title states.

I've just started a new game (got 100%) and trying to play realistically such as stop at red lights, go to sleep every night (when I can), walk around a lot, etc. I take the cab for short route but I had a few things to do so I decided to call a cab and head to Paleto Bay. I've JUST unlocked Michael as a playable character, that's how early in the game I am so the map is still "darked out". So I come back 10 minutes later and cab driver is so slow I decide to make him Hurry. He seems to slow down as cars on the highway keep passing us IN THE SAME LANE AS WE'RE IN. Okay, well that's nice. Then I see him go towards a small wall....come on, turn...BAM! We keep going despite a broken headlight. A ditch comes into view...oh no....oh...crap.


So yeah, that's a taxi down there. Tried again and Hurry still does the same thing. It's hilarious to see him ram people on the sidewalk and all but taxi rides take forever now. Maybe it's just my game as it worked fine in my first playthrough. Anyone else got this issue, though?

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They are terrible driving idiots, but it's pretty much working as intended as far as I can tell. If you make them hurry they make mistakes, and on roads such as the ones that go through Raton Canyon, multiple wrecks down steep gullies are par for the course.

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If I'm eating food in front of the TV I'll sometimes set a random waypoint on the map and call a taxi, makes for better viewing than most tv shows, especially if you set the waypoints in awkwards places (mountain roads etc). Would have been even better if they had kept the in-car view, I used to enjoy taking cab rides and viewing Liberty City out of the cab window. Anybody know why they didn't add that to V?

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I wonder why they didn't add it. I also enjoyed that. Remember the very rare female driver you could get? In all my years of playing GTA IV (played it from release in 2008 to around a year ago), I only got her once. My favorite taxi driver was the one you can call from Roman. It'd be great to bring someone like this in for Franklin in SP where you call up a cab and one of his drivers picks him up. Franklin, if he bought the place, is now his boss and the driver tries to make conversation. Something like that would be sweet.

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Cutter De Blanc

Whenever I tell them to hurry I find myself shouting at them, "Go around the SUV! Go AROUND the SUV! GO AROUND THE GODDAMN SUV!!!!"

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