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Mature Older Gamers Wanted for Mafia Crew


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Hey Guys


Im leader of Wells Mafia Ive been playing gta5 online since it came out and have a decent crew but one thing i always find with a lot of crews is they lack mature gamers closer to my age 26. Absolutely fine with the younger members in my crew but i do feel we need to have more older members than we have. We are also looking for feisty female gamers who want to cause a bit of destruction now and then :)


Things you will gain from being in my crew:


- Members who perform well will have instant right to be promoted to a higher rank and your performances within the crew will be noticed and commented on crew page, for example maybe deathmatch is your thing, if you perform well you will get noticed and put forward.

- Members who take pictures using snapmatic will be closely followed and images will be placed on our upcoming twitter crew page which will feature tons of bonus content.

- If you invite friends and get them into crew you will be giving a special rp playlist just for your own personal use for rp and cash

- New members will have instant access to all customized jobs and playlists within the crew that gain you the most rp and cash

- We got your back!!! every new member is welcomed on the crew noticeboard just so other crew members no there's a fresh face that we are welcoming to the crew

- You can have a mic or not it dosnt really matter a lot of the best gamers I've played with don't use mics so its not a problem plus i have a mic and will use if and when. some crew members use mics but not all.

- We also help members get there dream cars in the game depending on how well you have or are performing.

- If certain members make a real statement in the crew then deathmatchs and races will be created specifically around them :) which will then be added to our already top notch playlist library.


If you want in please leave a comment, your PSN i.d and Social Club name and will get in touch with you. Hopefully will meet on the streets of los santos sporting the red of Wells Mafia together!!! Join us and you will be remembered not forgotten.


The Streets are Red like a Valentine Rose don't get wed or you'll be gone in the head and blood will be shed. Los Santos most feared underground Mafia and the street's finest money making blood spilling Mafia we are Wells Mafia.
Wells Mafia has no fear of death and if you want to dress in the famous black and red you'd better prove your worth and get blood spilling before its you who feels the force of this blood thirsty mafia.
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