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Top Gear Test Track


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For those of you who want to do laps on the infamous track I've re-created it. I even made it on an airfield! :)




It's quite fun honestly, I'll be switching the default laps from 1 (for testing) to 4 laps later tonight so feel free to bump up the laps if you race it before I edit it. 4 is ideal and pays out 7k if there's enough players in the room.


It's as close to the top gear track as I could muster. Like the top gear track the first corner is tricky and you need to slow down to take it,


Crooner curves is tricky because of a bump, after chicago you have a short straight leading into hammerhead and you can keep the car floored through the followthrough just like on the real track if you enter the corner properly. Then another straight to Gambon, unfortunately I couldn't do anything to make your car corner gambon on two wheels. :p

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Ive been looking for a good copy of the Top Gear track! I'll check this out tonight and tell ya what I think. I'll even race you on it, if you add me. GT FourFarmers


Top gear is the only thing I watch on TV btw. I hate TV, but TG really is the best thing to ever appear on it. Like the 2 wheels comment, though Im no Tom Cruise...

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Last time I tried a TG track on GTAO, it sucked. Let's hope this doesn't suffer the same fate.

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I actually made a request to rock star and asked them to include the airport for creating missions and races simply to make the track.


Looking at your version, it doesn't look like the real one. But if it's ps3 I will give it a go.

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