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Question about aiming from cars


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I'm at work so I cant look at the game itself right now. My question is...When others are riding passenger in my car they have one button for aiming and one that shoots. When I am riding passenger, the trigger shoots and the aim button shoots. I am unable to just bring my cross hairs up and look around without wasting ammo. Does anyone know if there is a setting I can change for this? I have my settings configured where L1 aims and R1 shoots.

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I am the same as you lexustt and unfortunately no - there is no way to aim out of the car without shooting if you set your config up so that L1 is aim and R1 is shoot.


Stupid if you ask me but unfortunately for us no it is not possible.

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Wow, I have been playing like that since launch and it wasnt a problem, but now that vans are allowed to be stored it becomes a problem. Thank you for the heads up

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