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Fargo TV Series

Recommended Posts


Just watched the season 3 finale it was meh I didn't really enjoy this season as much as the first two but it did have it's moments.


This could also be the final season of Fargo unless Noah Hawley has an idea for Season 4. I'd be fine if he ended it here though and didn't try to milk it.

Edited by Zello

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Yeah, this season was very lukewarm compared to the previous two. It was a weird season and not in a typical Fargo fashion. Just the way that it was structured rubbed me the wrong way. Characters and their motives didn't feel very fleshed out and the season was really slow paced. Then there was that flashback episode that didn't matter one bit. The entire season was kind of hazy in a way, like it was a 10 episode dream sequence. It's still a fun show and I'd like to see another season.

Edited by The Yokel

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Mister Pink

Just halfway through season 2. Really enjoying it. I started it when it released but got distracted with other shows.


Season 2 has a flawless 100% critic's rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hope season 3 is as good but bit worried after The Yokels post ^

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Richard Power Colt

I do also think that season 3 was the weakest one, but it was still really good. A lot of the scenes are fantastic on their own and all the actors were great. It's just the overall story that felt kinda unsatisfying.

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Yup, season 3 was underwhelming, they seem to have run out of ideas and a lot of stuff was rehashed from the last series, strange how similar to Twin Peaks its becoming ,without the bizarre genius of Lynch of course.....Think the Cohen bros are very over rated now...

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Richard Power Colt

The Fargo TV series was created by Noah Hawley tho.

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Mister Pink

I need to get on Fargo again. Dropped off somewhere in season 2. Not sure why, was loving it. 


Season 4's premise/backdrop sounds awesome.. (taken from the link above)


"At the end of two great American migrations — that of Southern Europeans from countries like Italy, who came to the US at the turn of the last century and settled in northern cities like New York, Chicago — and African Americans who left the south in great numbers to escape Jim Crow and moved to those same cities — you saw a collision of outsiders, all fighting for a piece of the American dream."

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With it being set in Kansas city there are probably going to be a lot of connections to Season 2.



Edited by Zello

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The second season of Fargo is probably my favorite season of any series. Ever. Really looking forward to the fourth season, even though I found the third to be slightly sub par - didn't have as good a flow as the first two seasons.


One thing bothers me from the linked article, though...



FX's Fargo is tapping one of its biggest names yet for its fourth season.

Biggest names yet? Chris Rock? Bigger than Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Ewan McGregor? Not in the acting business, surely. That being said, I'm mildly intrigued to see what he can do in this sort of setting.

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I agree with that excerpt since Chris Rock got his name out before any of them did when he killed it on SNL in the 90s. Freeman, Billy Bob and McGregor took until early naughties to reach proper recognition. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Rock's net-worth was all theirs put together.


The prior actors are generally more versatile in the roles they pick so I'm interested to see if we get another True Detective's McConaughey with Chris Rock completely subverting expectations. 

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)

Just finally finishing Season 2, lol. I dragged that out. I'm thinking Season 2 of Fargo could be one of the best seasons of anything I've ever watched. I rank it up there with my favourites, The Sopranos, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. 


I'm just amazed how they nailed doing such perfect drama mixed with those dark, comical elements and occasional violence. The comedy never undermines the drama which is a problem to me, in some films/TV where added humour completely destroys any connection I was feeling to the drama of a situation - mostly get this in superhero films. 


I understand people aren't as keen on Season 3 but I'll continue on. Season's 1 and 2 are almost flawless though and I'll definitely revisit them in 3 or 5 years.

Edited by Mister Pinkerton

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