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Where are those bodyguards


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I have 100% and ppl say that you get bodyguards in a room in your mansion that is to the right side when you walk in.  Ive looked in there a million times and they are never there. Either my game is screwed up or there are no bodyguards. Jebus Christ help me out!
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Hi ya,


I had the same problem.

They will appear in the living room,

(Downstairs from save point then to left- Vercetti Estate)

If they aint there leave then come back and

they should appear.

Its a like the Hyman Condo thing where the helicopter

aint there when have just loaded a save.


I hope that helps


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when you get 100%. but ive been checking in there ever since i got 100% like three weeks ago and they've never been there, even if I leave far away and come back. i have that bikini women with guns code on (i did it once and accidentally saved it so now i can never take it off :furious: ) and im wondering if that might prevent me from getting the bodyguards
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