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Usually I don't really complain about online play. Since it's expected to run in to a bunch of a**holes but I've noticed that when I am involved in a Survival I go to a spot where it's very effective and someone comes over and steals my spot or stand right besides me. This is very annoying, I subscribe to the idea that if someone is already in that spot, go somewhere else. This is a team mission and it really isn't a good move to do this. Any thoughts on this. Has this happened to anybody else?



I'm sure I am going to get some responses from some haters, but that's ok. Just venting a little.

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I don't mind if other players share the same spot I'm in when in Survival, afterall, they are doing their "part".

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I know exactly how you feel. It's more annoying when it's a small space, and they go right next to you and it pushes you out of cover, usually resulting in you getting shot in the face

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Yeah there are better ways covering each other, true.

On the other hand, if one goes for shooting the choppers, its nice to have someone close to you taking on the footsoldiers.

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