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Taking full benefit of Business Weekend


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So, did you take full advantage of the RP bonus this weekend? Especially if you are/were relatively new to GTAO like I am?


I did. I was level 51 on Friday morning and today I am a 'mighty' 70. All it took was a couple of hours of farming.


Even bought myself a tank to celebrate last night.


Any others that used it to level up so they can get their hands on some improved hardware?

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I leveled up my 2nd character from 12-21 in an hour or so but I only got like 1400RP or so per race. Not bad I say, not bad

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It was good i guess, the high priority payouts for Jackals for Simeon were only 12,000 though.

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I did a little on my second character. I felt I had been neglecting the first one so I inched him a bit closer to 200.

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