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Menu shows "S O L Q"


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Hey guys,


So I've been messing around with adding mods and I now have this issue where the menu options only display the first character of each word. For example, instead of Start Options Live and Quit it shows only S O L Q. Same deal with going into the options screen. All items are listed with only the first character displayed.


The option I changed that has caused this I believe is in the iCEnhancer iceconfig.ini file, option ForceDisplaySize=true. Everything was working fine until I changed this (dunno why, I should have just left it alone!). I changed it back, but the problem is still evident. I've done a complete reinstall, but as soon as I copy the iCEnhancer files over (default unedited files), the problem is still there.


Can anyone let me know what else I can do? I've tried looking for a solution on several forums, but I haven't found a solid answer.




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1. Download this "fonts.zip": here

2. Open the folder "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\common\data" and copy the files "fonts.dat" and "fonts_r.dat" as a backup to any other folder.

3. Copy both files that are contained in the "fonts.zip" to the folder "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\common\data" and overwrite the existing ones.

4. That's it.

Note: "fonts.dat" is obviously for the western alphabet, while "fonts_r.dat" may is the equivalent file for cyrillic symbols (if you are playing in russian for example).

Read more: http://icenhancer.proboards.com/thread/556#ixzz2vqYqXhV8

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