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Trouble Shooting Gta San Andreas


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Hi Guys This is My New Topic For Gta San Andreas Troubleshooting You Will Be Helpfull If This Topic Instructions
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      Read the system requirements as listed on the back of the game box or online at the website System Requirements Specifications (see Resources.) Click "Start," right-click "Computer," and click "Properties. Compare the system specifications listed to the system requirements of the game. If any of the requirements on your PC do not match or exceed the minimum requirements of the game, it can lead to problems. Upgrade any system components that do not match the requirements of the game, or play the game on a newer computer to solve the issue.

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      Click "Start," "Internet Explorer" and navigate to The Software Patch website and download the latest patch for the game (see Resources). Double-click the patch to install it. Some errors, like audio problems and crashes occurring will be fixed with this patch. If you bought the game through Steam, do not install this patch as Steam games automatically update when new patches are released.

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      Right click on the game in your game library and click "Properties" if you have the Steam version. Click the "Updates" tab and click "Always keep this game up to date." Click the "Local Files" tab and "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" option if you still have errors. Steam checks whether the game files downloaded properly.

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      Click "Start," "Documents." Double-click the "San Andreas User Files" folder. Delete the "gta_sa.set" file to restore all the configuration settings to their default values. Do this only if you meet the minimum system requirements but cannot start the game.

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      Click "Start," "Computer." Right click on the drive on which the game is located and click "Properties." Click the "Tools" tab and then "Defragment now." This increases the performance of the game and eliminates the stuttering that can occur if the drive the game is located on is too fragmented.


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