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Gta Online military realism scenarios/TDM group. If intrested read mor


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*P.M. if interested*

Me and my friends have spent much of our time on gta, creating large scale TDM's. If you have ever tried to play a TDM online than you know it is difficult to get anyone to join you. So we decided to start something on the forums to see if we can get some interest in our work. Some things we do are:

Base invasion type TDM (One team has AK's, sticky bombs and trucks, for car bombings. Another team has M4's and an annihilator and start in the military base.)

D-day scenario TDM (One team starts off shore and approaches the beach)

Hunger games, with cornucopia (Self explanatory)

Coop military base invasion. (Everyone dresses up like a soldier, we collect tanks, buzzard, and cargo bobs. We are in free roam. We try to take over the military base)

And much much more.

We also do scenarios described as the following

If you are wondering what I mean by military realism than heres what it is. To clear a few things up no, you do not have any less health or die any faster than before. And no there are no mods involved. Anyone can join. By military realism I mean we use military tactics and communication. If anyone is familiar with the game Arma this will be similar. Each scenario can range from 5-30 minutes. In some you only have one life before you re-spawn in jail basically signifying you are dead. Most scenarios are on a time scale, not point scale the team either wins or loses depending on if they complete the objective given in the description or by the CO (Commanding Officer)

At the end of each round there will be a debrief. Any other comments or concerns can be posted as a comment or as a P.M.

If you are interested you can P.M. me, leave a comment, or send me a message not friend request on PSN

[Durnbranch] or alternate [Light-_-House] No [ or ]

Thank you for you time, also if you are interested Praime Jager clan is recruiting. German for Bounty Hunter.

We are also open to suggestions from you. No age limit required, microphone preferred.

Update: 3/09/14

In attempt to relocate my playstation I stepped on my mic and busted it. So until I have the money to replace it I will use skype. Send me you skype name in a P.M. or a comment.

Also I want you to send me a P.M. with you PSN. In order to assure everyone a chance to join. We will be holding events very often mostly weekend nights because we have school and work. Just before an event I will send all people a message asking who can join. The first 16 people to reply will receive a friend request and than a job invite. We will have to have good cooperation and communication with everyone in the game. At the end of the day I will unfriend everyone. During the next event I will repeat the same and you can play again if you respond.

*Very important update*

I just finished making a GTA Online crew for everyone intrested in participating. Dont worry you are allowed to be in up to three crews. So joining this crew will not kick you out of any other crew. You are allowed to play even without being in crew, but members get first priority.


I will be putting a mission list up soon. Also add me on the Rockstar Social club




So I can send you crew requests.


If you even play with us once then you dont have to play again if you do not like it.


So give this a chance. I constantly check my Emails and P.M. So if you have any questions they will be answered in a few hours

Also, we do fun and crazy thing if you just looking for some friends.

A friend of mine BewareTheSilence is also an administrator for the server. So on days with no events we will have the opertunity to do one of his many races. Along with classic TVT missions, Classic TDM, survivals. Dog fights, and regular coop missions. So dont worry we are not devoted too just scenarios. But if the majority want it we will do it.

Im currently working on a, Protect the President type game mode. Where before the game beggins Team 1 tells everyone who the president is. Team 2 has to stop the convoy and kindnap the president in a special truck so he can ride in back. One life. Team 1 has to get to the airport.

I am thinking about making a facebook/twitter page for this group so you can read all the rules for every map. This is going to be like a roleplay server where you have to follow rules making the gameplay more intense and fun for everyone.The facebook page will be up tommorow. It will have mission descriptions and rules. And a list of all members. If you have applied and your name isnt on the list just send me a quick P.M.


Original forum: http://gtaforums.com/topic/691781-military-scenario-realism-group-in-gta-online-fun-tdm-group/?p=1064934639

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Please send me a P.M. if your intrested. If we can get 25 members by friday I am doind a $25 giveaway in PSN cash.

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Go play Battlefield :facedesk: and if you're really desperate Call of Duty.

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Go play Battlefield :facedesk: and if you're really desperate Call of Duty.

Haha except dont do that.there are a lot more possibilities on GTA so thanks for your suggestion.

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