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Recruiting players for my crew "TheCloud9Kids"


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Me and my boyfriend have a crew we made when GTA V Online was released, there's about 23 members, but none of them get on anymore besides us. We want new friends to be in our crew!


-Must be 17+, DO NOT message me if you are younger than 17.

-Must have a Mic. NO KINECT MIC'S.We want to be able to hear you, not you and everything else in your house.

-Must be active! Preferably daily.we like to be up at night a lot, so if you do too, that helps a bunch!

-Must have a sense of humor!


-MUST BE TALKATIVE, but not annoying or too rambunctious. we don't want it silent in the parties, but we don't want our ears to bleed either.

To contact me, Message me on the Xbox, my GT is InTheLabyrinth. or You can contact my Boyfriend on there as well, GT: TheElevatedMind. Or you can just contact me on here. Thanks!

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