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The True Reaper Crew is open for recruits on Xbox Live, we're a tight-knit group who participate in a range of activities, from messing around and hunting people down, to jobs, bounty hunting, climbing Mt. Chiliad, etc.


Requirements: You must be over thirteen, you must have a mic (not a Kinect mic), you must have a K/D ratio over 1. The crew colour is midnight purple, but you can do what you want in terms of clothes and cars.


The biggest requirement is the dress code, you must wear a Carbon Warrior Mask and a suit (Type of suit is completely your choice), as shown here:




Our signature weapons are the Heavy Pistol and the Gunsenberg Sweeper (Tommy gun), though they are not the only guns we use.


If you wish to join, or have any inquiries, contact either Mau5trap1337 (The leader of the crew), or LongSt4ff (The Commissioner, myself) on Xbox Live.


We hope to see you soon.


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Black & White

MLM Recruitment (Revised + Re-edited)


The Middleton Lane Militia, founded spring of 2010 has been apart of the GTA Community for the past 4 years and we plan on staying til the last Rockstar game is released.


Currently we just opened up our prestigious training programme. But, we have put a cap on 100 "FNG's" and its filling up fast.


I am the second in command, my gamer tag is (MLMx InfraRed) and we play on the Xbox. Although we originate back in Liberty City on GTA IV, we are very active now in San Andreas. MLM started off as a Mafia, and after going through a civil war for months, the old leader (MLMx Xray) was overthrown and MLM was reorganised into a paramilitary. We currently are a proud member of the (New World Order) where we stand proud with our allies and affiliates.


We also have expanded into World of Tanks with its release and we play Battlefield and Murder Miners as well. If you want to hear more send me a friend request or a social club invite and we can get you started as soon as possible.


Rockstar Social Club:







[email protected]


Recruiting on other topics isn't allowed either. Perhaps you should pack in your sh*t. That's why you have your OWN recruitment page. Recruit there.

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