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Its been a while....


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since I had a smoke..So there I am, 6 pints down + , home late, playing around on gta4 and I pick up a blue guy. but loose interest cos I, you know, and then Roman calls me so I go over to him; all loose like, weaving between cars all slowly , like listening to the tunes but following the green line , in the zone. Its weird cos all the back ground noises beep at you when you do bad driving like go through red lights or over or under take dubiously along the road or the pavement. THATS CLEVER SOCIAL ENGINEERING PROGRAMMING :D I pick him up then take him to the comedy club in the centre of town and we see the show of the black comedian doing this epic piece on why weed should be legal, and I'm like, yep. That's it right there. Makes sense. :panic:




{How epic would it be if that was a clip shown under certain circumstances but most people would have forgotten to mention it, an Easter egg of sorts....}{ but this is my first play though of this game thus far so maybe its just a standard sketch in the epic-ness of the game} but I don't know....

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