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Why are teammates so reckless on Missions !


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I like the idea of Coop missions because that was the story mode is all about but every time I get in a mission Online it's a disaster 90% of the time because of dumb teammates.


People start driving off right after they spawn with their vehicles leaving partners behind and often running them over. If you manage to get a ride chances are they'll crash at least 10 times while driving like maniacs to the waypoint.


Today I was doing the ''Satellite Communications'' and everything was going well with me and my partner were Sniping enemies,. Than I made the mistake of getting in an SUV with him to go down the hill and get into the CargoBob. Well he drove us off the cliff into the Ocean killing us both...He was level 60 too. :sneaky:

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Because its a video game, its not meant to be taken serious bro. Its more fun to go nuts than to treat jobs like jobs.

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Because they are inexperienced in missions/survivals and use to PVP battles.


In missions it's important to take your time and take advantage of the AI's patterned behaviour. In later missions, the AI take cover a lot and the best way to take them out is to be patient and wait for your opening. The value of your life is greater as there's a limited number of lives.


In PVP battles like free roam and death matches, it can be advantageous to be a rambo, be random and take initiative to take your peers by surprise and not give them time to think. Also you have an unlimited number of lives in these types of battles so there is no consequence to dying.

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