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How tanks are a faux pas... sometimes.


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Yes, we all know the joys of mercilessly running over other players and exploding them with rounds from the tank, and we can all understand
such behavior is a staple of GTA game mechanics - Yet in some respects the mindless slaughtering of others in these nearly indestructable behemoths calls to our minds the quandary of "honor among thieves" if you will.


It is both fair and disasterously overpowered - though I fear there is little room for gentlemanly behavior on the mean streets of Los Santos.


The real puzzle lies in the tank gameplay mechanic being "cheap" or "righteous". It is a gray area that I feel is a neccessary evil.


Not unlike the flourescent Enity XF driving at you backwards with guns blazing, these elements add a peculiar sort of balancing to the bigger picture.


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The Lonesome Drifter

I only use it as a deterant. If an asshats blowing up low levels PV's for no reason near LSC I'll hop in my tank and literally park on top if his Chrome cheeta.

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Yeah I feel like its just another one of those things that can be abused by higher level players to terrorize others.

Usually when I spawn in one of these griefing sessions I make it one of my goals to get rid of the tank. Last time was pretty fun. He got me a couple times so I sent out a deathmatch invite. Oddly enough he agreed. Then I hid in a parking garage's stairs area and used geurilla tactics with an RPG. We tied 2 to 2.

Also +1 for Dr. Steve Brule

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I use it for punishment, revenge and police rampages.


If you fire at me in the tank when I'm not firing at you, prepare to be unloaded on.

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