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Gang Warfare mode in GTA Online


Would you like a Gang Warfare game mode?  

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  1. 1. Would you like a Gang Warfare game mode?

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    • Maybe, if its pulled off right

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Do you think it would be a good idea to have a gang warfare mode? There are already established crews and plenty of 'Trevors' around killing people.

l think it would be a great idea because then we could have a game mode mainly for killing eachother, other than TDM and it would be open world. There would be no rules like in war, so you could blow up eachother's cars without consequence.

You MUST be in a crew because there will be territories for the crews which each crew will go to war for control of the territories. There would be a trigger for a gang war like in San Andreas when you would kill rivals and start a war.

Around the city there are 'missions' but instead everyone is doing them in the same world. There would be drug trafficking, gun smuggling, prostitution etc. Gangs can interfere with other gangs during missions to take their goods and cash. Crime pays so the missions would be some of the highest paying.

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Misanthrope Z

i'm kinda for it


maybe these lame virtual thugs would finally f*ck off into their own servers, kinda sick of hearing some nerd yelling "MY CREW WILL f*ck YOU UP" because someone took a virtual sh*t in his virtual cheerios

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