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Well stacked pizza ?


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hi , i came across a WSP employee ped in OIV but i never saw any WSP shop in LC , so my question is does such shop exist or is it just a random ped (if there's a shop i mean an interactive one somewhere please just answer yes , dot not tell where it is thx)



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IIRC, they hang outside Pizza This!. I think there are more peds wearing the logo too. Logos and names of Well Stacked Pizza can be found at a shuttered storefront at the Alderney Casino in Westdyke. It is mentioned on the Pißwasser website as a business partner. Pedestrians talk about Well Stacked Pizza, too. Soo, Well Stacked Pizza was most likely to return, but replaced by Pizza This!.

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Officer Ronson

Well, IV was ment to actually have more restaurant interiors rather than just Burger Shot and Clucking Bell, it was ment to have a seafood restaurant under the name of Ping's, just like San Andreas' Beta Rusty Brown was an enterable establishment and Well Stacked Pizza was ment to return.


Devs got rid of most of the peds but there are still some re-skins for Well Stacked and Supercafe (Under the name of Rockstar Cafe and was also ment to serve you instead of just being there doing nothing because some of the interiors in the game are pretty much useless), so the R* Café guy was left intact and this variant does not spawn, however for the Well stacked Co. they decided to just wipe out the name and put 'em outside Pizza this!

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