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[PS3] Cross State Hunt (Experimental Map)


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The following map is (as the thread title says) a highly experimental one. I created this because of a guy's closed thread. I haven't had time to work a WHOLE lot on it, but it is, for the third time, a test. Please leave thoughts on the concept, as well as some feedback if you do play it, below. I didn't post it in the general thread because... I didn't think it fit in there.






Mission Type: Gigantic, stealthy Deathmatch


Location: The whole state of San Andreas.


Link: http://rsg.ms/1gjyt1y




This map takes place...well...everywhere. As such, the minimum people count is 12. Spawn points are spread evenly throughout the map. If set to team, you spawn in a standoff and you can go from there. Every person starts with a Pistol, and there are many hidden things in the map.

Will you find one of the 3 tanks? Maybe find some Supercars? A Police Riot car? There are many, many possibilities.


The point of this map is to give you a sense of being alone while playing,while always being aware of other players around you. Try to get to weapon caches, and hope no one is there before you. Feeling lonely? Form alliances with others by calling them and agreeing on a meet-point. Still lonely? Call up Lester... and reveal everyone else to make them anxious and give more suspense to the match.


Or, just goof off with others. As said in the description, this map is not recommended for the impatient.

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