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Change Mission Names.


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Hi. I saved a mission with "dyom" name ... and i want to know if i can change her name or make it again?

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You can. Just load the mission (if you haven't published it), open Menu, choose Settings and you'll see an option named "Mission name", you can type the new name here. Sadly, you can't type a new designer (if you don't know about Notepad++ method).

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Just what Kowalski said, but if you want a better editing program outside the mission use Notepad++




Any help just ask us

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Huzaifa khan

Press Y go to settings select option mission name and then change your mission name :)

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Yes, you can. As the ones above said, you can change your mission name in SETTINGS.

But you cannot change the author name, that's bad, but I think it doesn't matters xD

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