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Crew vs Crew Event on PS3 hosted on GTAforums


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Hey GTAO players on ps3 , I'm sure many of you are in different crews, looking for other crews to do battles with, perhaps claiming turf and striving to be the number one. Well I've made a small event, which needs 7 more crews, so far only my own has joined. So if you are in a crew, and are interested in organised games, give my idea a try. Details are below. Click my signature for the link.


Mods - I realise this probably belongs in Find a group and Meet-ups, but more users visit this forum.



Inspired by District Domination / Territory Domination but only on PS3

Sign your gang up here to compete for turf throughout Los Santos, own all the turf to declare yourselves the Kings of Los Santos and truely Own the City.

There are 8 Turfs in this event which are spread out across Los Santos and Blaine County (See Map below). Gangs signing up, must chose a single turf at the start, and then be willing to defend it against other crews in games organised here. If they lose the three game match up they surrender that turf, and the victorious gang then owns it.

Each turf comes with an initial three set games (One TDM, One Capture and One Last Team Standing, all are listed below). The games should always be played in that order (Please note that due to differing lobby sizes of each respected mode/job, these should be played individually and not part of a playlist).

Gangs should challenge each other here for turf, and if a challenge is not responded to within 14 days (no games or efforts made to play games over two consecutive weekends) by writing here or PSN, the crew laying down the challenge wins by forfeit. Once a gang defeats a gang to gain that turf, the gang who loses the turf must challenge for another turf before trying to re-gain their previously owned turf. Gangs can challenge for any turf.

Map will be updated regularly.


FreeAim Only (Weapons, Owned & Pick Up.)

Automatic Shotguns (banned)

RPG / Sticky bombs /Grenade Launcher (Use sparingly)

TDM : 10 minutes & no score limit

Call Lester / Merryweather (Defending Team Only, so home advantage)

Teams should be even, and participants must be in crews.

Event open to all crews and gangs.




Chumash (Blue)

Small town outside of the city, popular with drug dealers who use the pier to carry out smuggling operations.

Turf Value: $1000


TDM - Getaway

Capture - Salty Snatch

LTS - Chumash


Airport / Docks (Purple)

Location of most of the illegal goods entering the City, unique LTS in that it features jets.

Turf Value: $2500

TDM - Dry Dock

Capture - Freight Fight

LTS - Battle of Los Santos

Los Santos Central and Vespucci Beach (Yellow)

Large Turf that features the newest Capture Map, do battle on Vespucci to take control of the beach.

Turf Value: $2500

TDM - Vespucci Shoreline

Capture - Townhall Trinity

LTS - Del Perro Pier


East Los Santos and El Burro Heights (Green)

Smaller Turf to the East of Los Santos, crime is rife here and the territory is popular spot for a number of criminal outfits

Turf Value: $1500

TDM - El Burro Heights

Capture - Neighbor Hoods

LTS - Cypress Flats


Sandy Shores and Alamo Sea (Orange)

Airstrips in the desert here are believed to be used in illegal arms trafficking, gangs will be keen to own this significant turf

Turf Value: $2500

TDM - Derelict Motel

Capture - Strip Tease

LTS - Stab City


Fort Zancudo (Red)

Military base that used to house the army, is now believed to be a criminal hangout of rough mercenaries with access to military grade weapons

Turf Value: $1500

TDM - Hangar

Capture - Wargames

LTS - Zancudo River Estuary

Paleto Bay and Mount Chiliad (Pink)

Was previously a quiet small coastal town in the North East, is now believed to the hideout location for some of Los Santos' most dangerous criminals

Turf Value: $1000

TDM - Paleto Beach

Capture - High Road

LTS - Paleto Bay

Grapeseed (Light Blue)

Rural agricultural part of Blaine County, believed to be the hub of marijuana production.

Turf Value: $1000

TDM - Farmland

Capture - FarmVillain

LTS - Grapeseed Farm

LAND GREYED OUT IS CURRENTLY NEUTRAL (as currently contains no two team capture maps)

Every 2 weeks of ‘Ownership’ each turf gives the gang in control of these areas the respective $.

A random draw will take to decide which Gang owns which turf to start off. This will only begin once 4 gangs have joined up, and the amount of $ each gang collects will be recorded in a table and will only start after the first game is played. (I will do my best to keep this up to date as possible).

Please Note.

Bonus $ is earned by successfully defending a turf when challenged (x2 the earnings, for example who ever claims Sandy Shores will be awarded $5000 if they successfully defend it)

The penalty of losing all $ will be incurred if a gang loses a challenge by forfeit (failing to attend once agreed, failing to respond in a period of 14 days to a challenge, this will be subject to appeal).

The event is over once a gang owns all eight turfs or once the first gang earns $1,000,000. (Event will hopefully be an on-going continuous way of organising crew vs. crew games within the community on the forum)

Gangs must not play for the same turf or against the same gang consecutively!


Please sign up with your crew, and during future games explain the rules to them if they are not on the forum. Spread the word, and let's make this work. Please also feel free to give some suggestions on how this could be improved and any others ideas you have, remember it is a work in progress.


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