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Who Do You Think will win Eurovision 2014


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Personally, I think and hope that they will stop with the Eurovision since it's the most pointless competition next to (enter country)'s got talent.

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Let's take this to Music Chat.


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I wouldn't believe it who told me at this stage, but someone I don't recall told me I was unbanned, but I'd been away from GTA for over a month, and this site for even longer (as a lurker) Rather then get back into any water well under the bridge, let me say, not a big fan of the site change navigation in the slightest, it looks moderately better, but mostly I'm glad someone on staff came around to this decision about ban status, it's been over two years now, you'd think SOMEONE might be able to put bad feelings behind them in less time then that!


I post here because of former Eurovision winner and GTA alum, Ruslana, who was on CNN's Situation Room live the other day to appeal for Ukraine's solidarity and sovereign State to remain as such, not be taken over by Russian forces.


This is constant news Stateside in how the USA deal with the situation. Normally I don't follow any International musical trends because I'm a metalhead for life, I remain most interested in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and there remains no contests worth their own merit when it comes to choosing who's the best in those fields (genres)

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Eastern European countries Vote= Russia


Irleland Votes = UK


Portugal votes = Spain


Muslim areas of the Balcans = Turkey


Non Muslim areas of the Balcans + Greece = Serbia


Moldova = Romania


And so on and so on...

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