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Sandy Shores Prison Satellites


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The satellites down near the prison look pretty damn ordinary until you take a closer look. This is a really long story so get some popcorn and get comfortable. So the first UFO we see is a hologram that says FIB on it of course I am talking about the one on top of Mount Chilliad. The letters FIB were there to send us looking for the in-game FBI but the problem is there are various locations where they spawn but yet again there is another UFO this time it is real but it is in Sandy Shores. This one turned out to be the real version of the hologram but what is interesting yet again is the fact that this one is in sandy shores and where do we find the FIB at sandy shores? Well the answer is where we started off..................The satellites. The FIB are seen there with a group of scientists with 2 black cars. The scientists sit there checking (if I am not mistaken) only one particular satellite and yet again linking to the UFOs this satellite points to drum roll please....................................................................................... THE FORT ZANCUDO UFO! Not only does the satellite point in the direction of the UFO but the angle of it even points to the UFO too! In my opinion this could be a satellite either A: trying to communicate with the aliens in that UFO or B: This satellite is providing the shield that keeps us from touching the actual UFO. Please leave your suggestions below OOOOOHHHHHHH and I forgot to mention that I have already tried stealing the biggest cargo plane in the game and jumping out before it crashed into the satellite and nothing really happened so I think that we may need to disable it somehow rather than completely destroying it. Now if this is not completely and utterly convincing then I have no Idea what is. LET"S DO THIS!

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