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A clean racer crew will get very lucky

Grand Theft Amanda

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Grand Theft Amanda

My rank is 326.

I can drive, shoot and do both at the same time.

I was the very best in IV GTA Races.

DJ SPIN never won against me or my sister.

I am that good.

My sister is better than me because

She have a husband who send her to BMW driving school in Germany

I was so jealous of her.

My sister was offered a 77K ring and the guy said:

That ain't enough for your love,make a wish.

She didn't know what to say.

I went to her ear and said:

You want a V specs 2002 Skyline.

3 days later she called me and said:

Wanna go shopping with my new ride?

When I saw my dream car In front of my eyes, I went nuts.

That x-mas year she gave me a Mustang Saleen as a gift.

In the card it was written:

Don't you dare go race with it.

I won 22 races with it.

Someone did a dirty trick on the 23rd race.

My car was a total loss. my sister now hate me.


I want to race again, can anybody help me?

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We would love to take you on for a ride, we currently have a forum of 500 people and still growing. If you sign up there we can help you much quicker as the commisioners are active on the forum to help new reqruits and solve any problems or questions.


Also we have a racing guideline so you know what to expect.


Apex Stalkers clean racing crew.


We APEX Stalkes are looking for new talent.


Do you drive clean, know how to race and want some good clean battles with serious competition.


Participate in various events like:



Time trial

Various of racing cups (sedan/sports/muscle) ect ect

Car meets

Team racing




We also great custom racing tracks, that challenge the driver skill and give you the feeling if your driving on a real racing track.


A crew with a policy and where everyone races clean and respects the other driver on the track.


Then APEX Stalkers is for you have a look on our site to see what we are all about.


Not everybody will be allowed to join the crew, you need to sign up and do some induction races to see if you are crew material.








Sent me a pm on gtaforums or on the apex stalkers site.


On gtaf - mikeplugers91

On apex site - mikeplugers91

And rockstar social club - mikeplugers91

APEX Stalkers, the clean racing crew.


Are you sick and tired of all the ramming in races? APEX Stalkers is your place to be. Do you drive clean and do you want good racing battles on the track?

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Plague Joker

What is this some kind of Origin Story?

Edited by Plague Joker
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