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Any interesting player encounter stories to tell? I have one!

Mr. Muramasa

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Mr. Muramasa

Just a warning, but this may take a little while to read, so to sum it up really fast:


Me + player + military + Merryweather + Simeon Cars = Profits!


Ok now the actual story...


So I was bored at some point and decided to go sell a car, so I found a Sentinel. But and at the same time a crate was dropping, so I planned to get the crate first and manage the car. While en route to the crate, I noticed a player was coming towards me. I had my AP Pistol ready (because this is GTA O and everyone is out for your blood for candy and a pat on the head), and as predicted, they attacked. Fortunately they weren't using Sticky bombs, but unfortunately some shots made it into the engine and I went boom. They then drove off.


By the time I decided to just ignore them for the time being and make way for the crate (which would have been harder to do because the chase took me off route from the crate), someone else took the crate.


I think you can imagine I was a little ticked off that my plans were completely smashed by this one person, so I did my usual plotting of revenge, and went into heist preparations mode (my special phrase for basically hunting down a player I don't like).


Prep 1: find the player. They were on top of one of the taller buildings in Los Santos, heck maybe even THE tallest, I don't remember, but they began to attack my chopper when I went higher than them, and I was forced to bail.


Prep 2: Get an aerial attack vehicle. Since locating a Maverick would have taken too long, I opted to get a Lazer. So I went and invaded Fort Zancudo, got a jet, and immediately crashed it into a roof (embarrassing...)


I tried calling for a helicopter pickup and shooting the guy out, but he didn't die and flew off. But that did get me a star, which meant military vehicles, and since I didn't want to get one of my own cars out since I had a car impounded earlier (I think it was my Rat Loader), I went and... borrowed a military jeep. This time I was almost immediately attacked by tanks, but I was able to get out alive in a jet, but there was a tank literally in front of me and 4 more coming, so how I got that lucky I don't know.


But at that point the player threw off my plans to bomb them off the building by getting a Simeon vehicle, so I quickly changed plans from "bomb them off the highest building and watch them fall" to "Blow them the fk up"... It was foggy. Unbelievably foggy, I couldn't see much of anything until they were dangerously close to me, and I was forced to trash the plan.


But then I remembered that it was a Simeon vehicle, and then decided to just wait for them near the garage and steal it for myself. I don't know why, but I called for a mercenary attack on them, And I already had cops on me, and in a continued questionable decisions chain I bailed out of the jet, but at that moment the other player was killed by the mercenaries.


I thought I had enough time to beat them to the car and went to go steal it, but I immediately trashed the thought when I remembered there were still cops on me.


So I simply waited for them, I planted a car in front of the garage entrance to stall them and give me more time to shoot them, but the police were right there and began to attack me. I had to counter. 3 stars.


They arrived finally, and I managed to kill them, but I still had 3 stars and was forced to run away (drive away? I dunno), at which point they decided to put a mercenary target on me. I managed to lose the stars, but I still had the mercenaries to deal with. I noticed that they had already left the garage area and made a beeline for it, but the mercenaries made it much harder to make it in one piece.


I did make it though, and made a (sort of) clean 10k. The mercenaries that were right outside the garage disappeared, and knowing that a certain someone was ready to feast on my heart, I prepared to attack.


Turns out they got a 5k bounty on their heads, and were killed by me 30 seconds later. But they still managed to hit me with the car, at which point... I don't know what happened, but I think a Merryweather guy shot me at the last second, killing me.


Then it came down to one last shootout. We hid in the alleys made by all the cargo boxes, and in the end I won. Then I left the session, mainly because I realized I wouldn't be able to get out otherwise without risking getting a bounty of my own (and my car was still impounded). I did make an 8k profit from this though.



Anyways, that was my story (which recently happened), do you guys have any stories to share that you personally like? I don't think it matters if you like it because it was memorable, because you made a profit (like I did here), or because you came out on top of all the others, and no being inside a tank does not count.

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