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Garage Advice


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Like many of you my garage is changing at a constant rate. 1 car is always being replaced by another, I've yet to find a perfect balance. Right now it's split, one side is business the other please. This is my set up, I'm not going to use names but instead classes.


-Dune Buggy (no mods)

-Blazer (atv)

-Motorcycle (chopper)

-Motorcycle (sport bike)

-Off Road Truck



-4 door

-Sports Classic



The last 3 spots do have custom cars in them at the moment but I'm ready to replace them all. I like a diverse garage for meets and off-roading but I think having both a dune buggy and atv is a little redundant. I'm also looking to replace my 4 door and replace the suv with a sport.


Feel free to give me your opinions in general about my garage or yours, more specifically though these are some of the decisions I'm looking for input on-


Primo vs. Intruder

Monroe vs. Tornado (hardtop, tasteful)

Buggy vs. Atv

Vacca vs. Other Sports

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Ballistic Jello

Vacca is a slow super, but good looking and pretty cheap compared to others.

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primo vs intruder: im pretty meh about both tbh, but if i HAD to choose id go intruder simply bc i think it looks better

monroe, competitive racer AND stylish!

ATVs are crap in this game keep the buggy

the vaccas a crap super, for that money you could have a jester, a better looking car and i think it might actually be faster as well. btw why compare supers and sports?

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