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!Black Gavel Mc Biker Rally!


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The Black Gavel Mc is going to be hosting a Biker Bash!! We are going to be setting a date ASAP, but we need more MCs ready to join. There are certain rules we have to establish with this though: The Black Gavel Mc is a neutral ground territory between MCs, meaning that they have no confrontation with any MC unless directly harrassed. from different MCs, including me.This events intention is just to have people who get along together, no matter what MC they hail from, and to have a good time an meet some likeminded bikers.



- No unwanted violence, there are no MC disputes in our Bash lobbies, so if you and another crew get into it, take it to a Crew vs crew match or get kicked out

- Be courteous to the other attending MCs, this is a friendly lobby of like minded people, the instant you talk trash, you're gone.

- If an alliance means to be formed because you like another MC, please go to party chat or leave the lobby, business and pleasure dont mix.

- There will be designated people doing invite only sessions, we will send you to one of them for one of the events/free roams.

Afterwards the results will be posted here




Fight Club - Fist fight it out man to man in a chosen ring.

Road Trip - Ride around San Andreas in full strength with a lobby of MCs! (its a kodak moment)

Drag Racing - Race your bikes, since most of them are the same speed, its all up to your skill to win it.



Message either of these accounts on xbox live if your Mc may want to be apart of this or you want more info when it becomes availible





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