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GTA V Race Reviews [Playlists and Races]


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Posting a thread to share with you all on GTAF, hopefully get more suggestions for new things to spotlight once I get my Hauppauge back online from the company. (Random blow out in the power supply.)


I'm doing this to find and share races that are actually fun to play. None of that cross country or "MAX RP!!! MAX CASH!!!" crap that is all over the Verified list (unfortunately). Let's put some fun back into the GTA races, shall we?


Always looking for more races to review and playlists to try out. If you have one you would like for me to review and shine a spotlight on, please feel free to post it! I'll be looking at every one posted.


Latest review:

Mountain Pass Master! Playlist by drmattz and found here.



Older Reviews:



First one ever: Jumps! Jumps! Jumps!





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