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[PS3] Cash Money Fam 420 new crew recruiting!


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Cash Money Fam 420 is a brand new crew dedicated to making money and having fun. A lot of my friends and I make about ~1M per day legit, so I decided to make this crew. If you want to make money, this is the crew for you.

I plan on having crew car meets, death matches, crew battles, lobby takeovers, events with REWARDS, and more.

I was also growing sick of crews with emblems that look horrible on clothes/cars, so we actually have a decent emblem (transparent).

There are no requirements for joining, but if you want to be promoted past muscle, you must keep our crew as active crew.

There are also not many rules, just don't be a dick. By this I mean don't randomly roll up on a crew member and start shooting. This crew is for having fun and making money not griefing each other.


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