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Grand Theft Auto Vindication Roleplay (Xbox 360)

Samurai Cynic

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Samurai Cynic

Grand Theft Auto Online: Vindication Roleplay is an immerse world which makes use of Grand Theft Auto Online's platform to tell character stories in a satirical America.


We have finished development and have some members flooding in from older roleplay groups that have disbanded.

We already have a few new members but are trying to recruit more quality roleplayers to make the game dynamic and cycle through users on days where others may not be able to attend.


Information on Vindication Roleplay below.


Who: Samurai Mind and other Roleplaying Admin

What: GTA Vindication is a persistent roleplaying event. We have an insurmountable amount of occupations and gangs available to join. Almost anything is possible. If the idea interests you, read below to understand what we mean by "roleplaying."


(Roleplaying is suspending the belief of the real world around you to assume the role of an imagined character. This means changing your personal demeanor and attitude to a personality which exists (in this case) in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.)


When you assume this character role, you gear your behavior toward what you imagine that character would do as you play out their every day lives. This is what is referred to as being "in character" as opposed to your real life personality. In the case that you are to speak or act in a manner that involves the player, as a person; this would be what is known as "out of character".


Knowing the differences between being IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) are vital and essential points to determining how immersed you are in the roleplaying evironment. Your characters and creativity will shape the existential world around you.


As the storyline in Vindication progresses, it will be up to the players to shape the events.

When: On days that Vindication is hosted, the game will start 6p.m. Central U.S. (Games will also be hosted at random when enough players request it at once.)

Platform: Xbox-360

Contact: You can ask questions here.



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Hey, I've registered to your website and I'll add you on XBL later. Cheers for making an in-depth RP, really interested!

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I do hope you're still doing this, I've registered and on your site and I'll add you on XBOX later, really glad to have hopefully found a roleplay which is still intact.

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