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Crooked Rumpo


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:blink: i just happened to roll by one of the parking sections at the beach, and there were 2 Rumpos like this one:




the first one i saw was plain, and i jumped right in to check if it would drive. the moment i got in, the wheels flipped back to normal position and it handled like any other of its kind. this one i at least thought of taking a pic. i didn't get in that one cause i had to run, but i guess it would have been the same. the wheel you don't see was tilted in the same direction. would've been funnier if it stood there in Charlie Chaplin stance, but i still got a snicker out of it. :colgate:


anyone witnessed this before?



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I can back this. Found a red Rumpo by the Vinewood Police Station with the same strange issue.

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did you get yourself a customized Rumpo today too?

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I blame the arcade style physics rockstar chose to go with.

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Maybe that's why they were banned from garages for so long.

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