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{Xbox 360} Official Guns Donating Thread!

Aero Dynamo

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Aero Dynamo

So I am playing a mission and I run out of ammo completely. Saw I didn't have any cash to get an ammo drop and also couldn't buy ammo during the missions. So this guys notices from afar about my problem and he comes to me and gives me a brand new Sub-Machine Gun! Full of ammo that too! This generous donation of that guy gave me a feeling of relief that good guys do exist and are out there.


So I was wondering what if there are here people like me say some newbies who need guns and deserve it but don't have cash to buy it? Why not just open up this thread and just post what gun you are ready to donate! Then the guy who needs the gun can post here and you both can meet in game and you can give him the gun by dropping it in game! Simple as that! A good humanitarian effort!


"Donate a gun today, And save a billion of respawns!"

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