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How about instead of owning businesses...


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...we WORK for them.


It would be really simple too. You can only have one job at a time. You pay a small applications fee, then get accepted. You get calls to do jobs. The type of job depends on the place you work at. Bars would involve delivering shipments to the bar, or breaking up a fight. Smoke on the Water would ask you to deliver the goods. Downtown Cab Company would be all about taxis. Scrapyard would involve deliver trucks full of scrapped cars to the scrapyard. Towing, same thing. Would give them reason to fix the freezing-thing with the tow trucks too. You get paid instantly at the end of the job.


The only thing I'm really unsure about is if it would all take place in freeroam, or in separate missions. It would give more stuff to do in freeroam but at the same time people are jerks (LOL TANKS). There's also the possibility of being fired. In SP you couldn't get fired because you owned the business. MP? I'm not sure how that would work.

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I like the idea. Won't happen of course, but I like your thinking.

Could only imagine it in free roam in a public lobby. Sticky bombs, tanks, buzzards, and aggressive players who don't give a f*ck would probably get me fired.

Hope they wouldn't drug test though

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why should i bother doing jobs when i can just glitch money like the people that rockstar does live streams with?

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That's a horrible idea. Why would I want to work for someone else when I can own my own sh*t and have someone work for me? Why would I want to work at a bar and be an errand boy when I can just go out and kill someone with a bounty and get 5x as much money as I would for doing a job? I'm confrused as to why anyone would want this...

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Not a good idea, they all involve the exact same thing.. Driving from point A to point B and back to point A, much fun.


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I've always wanted something like this, this isn't for GTA but I like the idea. It would be cool to have some sort of mix between GTA and the Sims


Then again the deeper I think about it the worse it becomes lol

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I like the idea. Would add a little detail to the game where none existed before in the sense of it being a city. The only thing it had going for it was people driving on the roads and walking the streets.


This isn't the idea where you do Amazing Thing 1,2,3 and then perform amazing stunt 1,2 and go back to amazing thing etc etc. Calling something boring vs amazing is absolute opinion. It is between practical and non-practical. The idea would be practical as a way for lower level players to earn quick cash, all while learning the areas and how to drive. It might also be popular among the RP world that exists. How many people get in cop-cars and go off-radar and chase other players for that measly minute ? I know I do.


While being a slowass scrap truck driver would be kinda boring. It would be interesting if you could work for a bank and be tasked with driving the Carrier to w/e its going to go. No one raids them right ? Perfectly safe job.


What about being that assistant to that High-brow/snob CEO with all of the super expensive cars and loose-ends to tie up ? "Hey mutt, I need my Diamond washed. Go pick it up and get it done," sorta thing. Might be stretching it a little there, but still I wouldn't be against seeing something like this exist.


Also this could legitimize the Vigilante Missions. Being able to be an Officer to hunt NPC thugs, a Firefighter to say events that happen around the city: Car wrecks, house fires, cat in tree. Ambulance drivers and all the like.

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like your idea...


for me to be fun, it would have to take place in freeroam.


freeroam need more activities, working in a live environment in such a violent place like los santos should be fun and challenging.

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