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Hi. I need some forum rank images created for a server. The server is role-play, I'll list the rank names and the general colour band for the image. I've no idea of concepts, nor sizes but they need to fit in the rank image holder on a set of PHPBB forums. The ones I need are:


Developer - Dark Green (006600)

Police Officer - Blue (006699)

Game Admin - Orange (FF6600)

Helper - Beige kind of (FF9966)

Manager - Burgundy (990000)

Donator - Golden (FFCC00)

Fire and Rescue - Purple (CC0066)

Government - Black (000000)

SANN Employee - Grey (99CC99)


I don't mind some pictures referring to each individual rank, for example some kind of police emblem on the police officer one, and so on. It's upto you - I don't mind. Just make them snazzy! Oh, and for reference we're based in San Fierro.



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