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Where did you find your Speedo van?


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I've been looking all day and can't find one anywhere. Where did you find yours and what were you driving when you found it? Thanks.

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Honestly I just brought mine in from singeplayer, didn't edit it though. I've never glitched a car before because I never needed to, but I just lost hope on this one since I've been playing for 5 months and still haven't seen one cruising around online.


But if you want to keep trying, everyone says they spawn around:


- Lester's warehouse

- Simeon's dock

- Grove street

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Keep switching back to Trevor in singleplayer and sometimes it will cut to a scene of him tying up a man underneath the pier at the beach. As soon as you get control of him turn arond amnd you will see a black Speedo van.


Take said van and perform Sp>Mp glitch...

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