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Whos GF can fly and land a jet *


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Mister Pink

Catching my GF playing GTA was so cute. She's in that phase that crashing and breaking things is naughty and she feels bad to kill people haha. She's partial to big trucks and causing destruction.

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Cutter De Blanc

This topic seems like little more than the OP bragging about his girlfriend. How is this, or the majority of the responses GTAV related, I don't know.


But lol girlz r weak and dumb

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While I was testing my Lolita she flew through a rainbow,she passed with flying colours!

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Believe it or not, some women actually do jobs and drive cars


And, as I wrote above, they even dare to pilot jumbo-jets (just think of all those poor passengers!)!


But thanks God there are some countries where such things don´t occur, like beautiful Afganistan or Saudi-Arabia.

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