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Cyber Airlines - Airline Simulator


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Cyber Airlines is an airline simulator that's played on a browser, a bit like NationStates or Cyber Nations. You start out by purchasing your headquarters and then buying aircraft and slots to fly to, making money for each route that you fly. Eventually you can start purchasing improvements for your aircraft and airport gates, and expand into multiple continents. It's a pretty realistic business simulator, incorporating such things as weather, fuel, and aircraft performance specs.

Anyway, I found this game a few days ago, and I've been having a good time with it. I was curious if anyone else played, or wanted to play. Also if anyone wants to we could buddy up and create a GTAForums alliance. :)

The game's wiki
A basic overview of how the game is played
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You know what? I might actually try this out. Will be back.


I tried my best, but this isn't for me. I'll say this though; I've been trying to find a good browser game for a while. If you're up for any other browser games, hit me a PM on what should I try; and if I like it, I can play.

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