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Hi im a new guy in here, but i have scripted for long time with RPGmaker xp using RUBY language so i cannot say that i understand this new language but im on to it! So, I have made this tiny tiny script that lets CJ greet his homie with the GSF´s Handshake and a "Wassup". My only issue is that i would like the homies to say something also but how much hard i try i cannot ... I have all the Speech ID for all the peds in game but somehow using the command

05C1: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR speak_from_audio_table 108

the Homie doesnt talk. This command is only for the player and make him say something based on the number we inPut in the end part of the code,in this case CJ will say something like Grove for life, wassup and stuff like that. I tried to change this command with the variable assigned to the grove members but they just dont talk even if i input the correct ID speech number . Anyway here is my script

// This file was decompiled using SASCM.ini published by GTAG (http://gtag.gtagaming.com/opcode-database) on 14.6.2013{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------03A4: name_thread 'LYH'  :LYH_900001: wait 500 ms056D:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR defined80DF:   not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR driving810F:   not player $PLAYER_CHAR wanted_level > 0004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 0 ms  00D6: if8818:   not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_air004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 0 ms00D6: if84AD:   not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_water004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 0 ms00D6: if09E7:   player $PLAYER_CHAR not_frozen0001: wait 0 ms00D6: if8118:   not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR dead004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 0 ms00D6: if03EE:   player $PLAYER_CHAR controllable004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900AB5: store_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR closest_vehicle_to 11@ closest_ped_to 10@0001: wait 0 ms00D6: if8039:   not  10@ == -1004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 0 ms00D6: if or02F2:   actor 10@ model == #FAM102F2:   actor 10@ model == #FAM202F2:   actor 10@ model == #FAM302F2:   actor 10@ model == #SWMOTR102F2:   actor 10@ model == #SWMOTR202F2:   actor 10@ model == #SWMOTR3004D: jump_if_false @LYH_907@ = 900001: wait 0 ms00D6: if0AB0:   key_pressed 69004D: jump_if_false @LYH_90  01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR can_move 003BF: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR ignored_by_everyone 18118:   not actor 10@ dead00F3:   actor 10@ near_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR radius 2.0 2.0 sphere 0.0 on_foot                                            00F3:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR near_actor 10@ radius 2.0 2.0 sphere 0.0 on_foot004D: jump_if_false @LYH_900001: wait 100 ms0639: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR rotate_to_actor 10@0639: AS_actor 10@ rotate_to_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR0001: wait 1000 ms05C1: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR speak_from_audio_table 1080605: actor 10@ perform_animation "HNDSHKFA_SWT" IFP "GANGS" framedelta 4.0 loop 0 lockX 0 lockY 0 lockF 0 time 00605: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR perform_animation "HNDSHKFA_SWT" IFP "GANGS" framedelta 4.0 loop 0 lockX 0 lockY 0 lockF 0 time 00638: AS_actor 10@ stay_put 105C1: AS_actor 10@ speak_from_audio_table 7@0172: 27@ = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR Z_angle000B: 27@ += 180.00173: set_actor 10@ Z_angle_to 27@  0001: wait 3000 ms04EF: release_animation "GANGS"01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR can_move 1  0002: jump @LYH_90 

C mon people we need to show some luv to our brudaz aight?.

If someone can tell me how to make the homies talk i will appriciate! Thanks

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audio id 22, 23 are usefull

it's hard to find such id's

make a testscript to find them

{$CLEO .cs}:SpeakTest_103A4: name_thread 'SPTEST':SpeakTest_2wait 0if0256:   player $PLAYER_CHAR definedjf @SpeakTest_2if0AB0:   key_pressed 8//--------------------------------- key Backspacejf @SpeakTest_20247: request_model #fam1038B: load_requested_models 04C4: create_coordinate 11@ 12@ 13@ from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0  4.0  0.2009A: 0@ = create_actor_pedtype 8 model #fam1 at 11@ 12@ 13@ 0249: release_model #fam17@ = 21jump @SpeakTest_17:SpeakTest_13wait 0if0256:   player $PLAYER_CHAR definedjf @SpeakTest_5703F0: text_draw_toggle  1033F: set_text_draw_letter_width_height 0.6 2.8045A: text_draw_1number  500.0  200.0 'NUMBER' 7@if0AB0:   key_pressed 33//Page upjf @SpeakTest_167@ +=  1jump @SpeakTest_17:SpeakTest_16if0AB0:   key_pressed 34//Page downjf @SpeakTest_137@ -=  1jump @SpeakTest_17:SpeakTest_17ifnot Actor.Dead(0@)jf @SpeakTest_5705C1: AS_actor 0@ speak_from_audio_table 7@wait 2000jump @SpeakTest_13:SpeakTest_57Actor.RemoveReferences(0@)jump @SpeakTest_2
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Geez just yestrday i was taking a look at ur tuts man, they are extremely usefull really! And by the way i have the homies Speech IDS but my issue is even if i have that and i put the right command in the right spot those bastrds dont wanna talk at all... And i dont really get why, cuz if with the same exact command CJ talks than why the homies dont????

The ID is number 90 cuz i tried ur method already, i know them all they just dont talk using the command

05C1: AS_actor 10@ speak_from_audio_table 90

why is that?

Problem solved i just forgot to put a lil variable into it now works perfectley!

Updated first post

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See this topic: http://gtag.gtagaming.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=353


The numbers refer to 'subjects' which the character may or may not have something to say on.. obviously most peds don't need drug dealer audios and most drug dealers don't need taxi customer audios, so you just need to find the right ID. Additionally, many other things can affect how these audios play including whether widescreen is active or radio is playing.

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