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3DSMAX - 1. Basic modelling tutorial.


Recommended Posts

Basic modelling with 3dsmax tutorial.

Before we get into anything make sure you have all the tools needed.

Firstly we need to download the tools before we do anything and the scripts to install for your version of 3DsMAX.

I will be posting images with an explanation allowing time for you to complete each step and reply to your posts. I will be taking questions for each step we go. We will be learning how to make basic models first (eg buildings). More complex objects as the weeks advance. If you know MAX you can also help me by taking questions.

I will be doing this in sections:

1. Face Mash editing. Getting to know the basic tools and panels, Poly /Vertex Mash editing. Forming better shapes like roofs.
2. VU mapping and texturing. Applying textures to your objects the right way. &. Creating the Collisions with surface maps and TXDs.
5. How to get objects in the game.
6. Making Complex objects and mapping.
8. MAP-IO and aligning objects in the game.


Edit; Please note that 3dsmax9 is licensed software and these links provided are trial software only. I do not deal in Warz! please do not ask.

Files exist below are for educational purposes.

3dsmax 9 - 32Bit: ukscifi.net/A/.../3dsmax9Trial.7z

3dsmax 9 - 64Bit: ukscifi.net/A/.../3dsmax9Trial64.7z

Latest Max 2014; http://www.autodesk.com/products/autodesk-3ds-max/free-trial


Note+: This site can be buggy. just refresh your browser to fix any links that do not seem to appear for the first time. When you have either max 9 or 2014 installed, reboot if needed, unpack the version of your scripts and place these in; C:\Program Files\3dsMax9\Scripts copying over anything existing.

The Max Scripts:


Max 2012


Max 2014+


The scripts packs are to be installed on the windows HDD ''c:/Program Files/Autodesk/3dsmax'' folder. Copy the Scripts folder of the zip archive overwriting the scripts folder of 3dsmax. This will install the scripts.

Basic textures from GTAIII to SA are in .bmp;


The textures belong on your Desktop in a folder called textlist/

I will be updating this post until I see people join and then posting onwards depending on the questions asked.

1. Face Mesh editing. Getting to know the basic tools and panels.

The 3dsmax window layout. It's important to get everything where you need it quickly, you can also move buttons and tabs around. So try this out. I like to plan everything down to how I want the 3dsmax window to look like into how I am going to work depending on the project.

Example; Screenshot2014-03-0813.16.26.png

Basic buttons;

viewpoint_toggle.jpg The Viewpoint Toggle can be found in the bottom right-hand corner - This will allow us to bring the 4 panels into 1 so we can rotate and see everything better.

Arc_Rotate.jpg Arc Rotate - Allows you to freely move and rotate the object or scene you're in.
field_of_view.jpg Field of view - Pinpoint zoom tool.
Pan_View.jpg Pan around the object or scene.

This is all you need to know for now. The rest we can talk about later.

Moving on by right-clicking The perspective button you want to select; Smooth and Highlights, Edges Faces and Show Grid.

Next, you'll notice an empty space on the top right of the icon /buttons bar, clicking on this will enable you to select the snaps tools window using the right mouse button. Alternately this can also be done clicking on the menu bar selecting Customize -> Show UI to Show floating toolbars.

Close everything else except;  Snaps.

snaps.png snapsbar.jpg Selecting Primitive Objects and how to shape them.

We want to select [ BOX ] looking down that panel you'll see Length Segs, Width Segs and Height Segs. Look at the image below.
standardprima.jpg We want to set an even number for the Length and Height sides of the cube and an uneven number for the Width.


So 10 Length, 10 Height and 9 Width, All will become clear into why we are doing this later when we start to shape the roof.




Move the mouse pointer to the scene window. Press and hold the left mouse button about north-west and slowly drag the pointer to the south-east and then let go.


Move the pointer up a little to create the height, one left click to end with a cube-shaped object.

Because we selected the Smooth and Highlights, Edges Faces and Show Grid in the Perspective settings this is so things are easier to see and edit, we can use wireframe later when required. We now want to manipulate the polys that in turn shape the faces on the cube object. Right-Click on the Cube object and select Convert to editable Mash where some modding can happen.

Select Modify.jpgModify to bring up the modify panel below. Select box01 and change this to a name you like ie; House01 for the name of your model. under Modifier list your notice the words box - Right click this and select convert to editable mesh.

How to move around; We will be using Arc_Rotate.jpg Arc Rotate and Pan_View.jpgPan around to freely move around your object by left clicking and holding your left mouse button down. field_of_view.jpg Zooming in and out where needed using the middle mouse button.


Press face.jpg to select a single face, pick Ignore Backfacing and then [Extrude] halfway down - ignore the number on the right for now.

Select pointer.jpg pointer and move back to the scene window to select your faces on the cube one at a time holding the left CTRL key down that you would like to press in or out with [Extrude]. We will start with a Door first by picking the faces we want to change.



Clicking [Extrude] this time from the modify panel watching the number on the right of the extrude button, press the red selected faces moving the mouse and holding the left button we get to effect those faces. we want to push in these faces so what we are trying to do looks like a door.



We have a door shape, now we try for a window by selecting some more faces but this time we will try it another way by selecting [extrude] and to the right deleting 0.0 and putting -5.0 in the box and enter.


Edited by X-Seti
Broken Links, Sure do miss the undo button and raw edit.


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By using Arc Rotate Arc Rotate - Click the circular edge holding the left mouse button down and drag the pointer left to rotate the object.






We can use the [Extrude] tool to make window ledges and other bits of detail for this building.




You can use the Select-and-move.jpg Move and Select icon with your selected faces - Holding the Left mouse button will move the selected faces in any direction with the movement of the mouse. You can use the Arc_Rotate.jpg Arc Rotate and Pan_View.jpg Pan view to change your viewpoint allowing you see better. But remember to click back to the Select-and-move.jpg Move and Select icon to move any more faces.


2. Poly/Vertex Mash editing. Forming better shapes like roofs.


I made another quick basic model to show you how we can move the vertex points to make the roof shape we want.




Click on vertex.jpg to show the vertex points as little blue dots.




First click the Select-and-move.jpg Move and Select icon selecting as many vertex points as you want, holding the CTRL key - Holding the Left mouse button will move the selected vertices in any direction with the mouse affecting their position with the vertices you did not pick. I want to move the mouse pointer up just a little. (See next image) You can use the Arc_Rotate.jpg Arc Rotate and Pan_View.jpg Pan view to change your viewpoint allowing you to select any vertices easier. Remember to click back to the Select-and-move.jpg Move and Select icon to move any more vertices.


You can also change the coordinates of the selected vertices by using the X, Y and Z coordinates bar. XYZ_Coordinates.jpg With your selected vertices use the up-down arrows to move the vertex within the X, Y or Z 3D space.





Another way to move selected vertex is by the left clicking and pressing on the Red (X), Green (Y) and Blue (Z) arrow indicator moving the mouse pointer. (You can see this just above the roof)


The object is far from ready from being inserted into any game. we can add more detail to the house by creating other objects that can be resized and attached to resemble the look we are going for.


Click on Primitives.jpg Selecting Primitive Objects this time look for [cylinder] on the list and give this about 12 sides. Press anywhere in the scene first clicking and moving the pointer to the left to create the radius and then pressing and holding the left mouse button to create the height, un-clicking to finish this new object.


Right click over the new object and select Convert to Editable Mash, with the new object highlighted we can change the name and resize/stretch this new object to look like a drain pipe using the select-and-uniform-scale.jpg Scale icon.




Holding the left mouse button on the bottom of the triangle moving the mouse up or down are can change the shape from small to large, thin or fat.




We can use this pipe to apply to the sides on the main model 'the house' by right clicking over the pipe and selecting clone, This will bring up a new window where we can check the new cloned model name and by pressing OK we save the new model to the scene. Once you have clicked 'OK' in the window you need to right click over the new object and select Convert to Editable mash again. Each model name has to be unique except where you might be planting the same objects names like trees or lamp posts (I will show this much later in the MAP-IO tutorial)


We are going to place this pipe against the house by moving the pipe object against one of the house walls by using the Select-and-move.jpg Move and Select and snaps-toggle.jpg Snaps toggle icons, now in the snaps bar click on snap_to_vertex.jpg Snap to vertex. We now want to select all the vertices on the pipe by dragging the mouse pointer over the object until we have all the vertices highlighted in red. This can take a bit of getting used too.


Touch the bottom of the pipe object and drag this over to the house holding down the left mouse button. You will notice that the pipe will snap to the nearest vertex on the house model. if you're happy with the position let go of the mouse.




This time you'll notice that the top is sticking out. You can select the top of the pipe's vertices to either delete or move them by dragging these vertices to touch the top of the house. If you had chosen to delete the vertices on the top of the pipe you would need to drag the next in line to reach the top of the house.


Now for the guttering. We will only do the side you're looking at by clicking the Select_and_rotate.jpg Select and Rotate icon. Select all the vertices in the new pipe model and type 90 in the X part of the coordinates 90rotatebar.jpg bar. This will turn the pipe 90 degrees now we can place this the same as before to the edge of the roof using the Select-and-move.jpgMove and Select icon selecting all the vertices and snapping this to the edge for the roof.




The model is almost done. we now need to optimize the models before we do anything else, we do this by clicking on the modifier list drop down and selecting optimize for each object.




[Collapse To] every time a window pops up.




Once we have all the objects ready and optimized we can finally VU texture the model. This will be covered in the next tutorial. the UV mapping tutorial.


Note: You can use many other buttons like [Divide] to add faces back into the model if you want to add more detail.




Next tutorial ->

UV Mapping your objects.

Edited by X-Seti
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The link for the latest version seems to be bugged for me, I can't choose my language and OS :p

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Download MAX9 from the link below or read my edited comment above on the first post. :)




Outdated link, Look at the first post.

I am thinking about moving this to 3 pm GMT, This will give you time to download the needed material and scripts.


Edited by X-Seti


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Well thanks, but I have just found an old install of 3ds max 9 (full version) my brother installed on my PC, but it has one or two .dll files missing, I need to find it first.

Edited by Prince Gumball
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This seems to be an interesting topic. I really want to know how to work with 3DSMax myself, so I won't be stuck with DYOM.


I have a question though - will you be telling about how to make a ped, car or weapon and about how to convert models like those present on this site to GTA?

Edited by Boris The Vodka
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I am here to show who is interested and in time vehicles, I need to update myself for peds and weapons. I seem to have forgotten most of this but with helping you I should remember in time.


I will be doing this every Saturday or Sunday in between other commitments.

I need to see more members to really continue. I will set the time to 3pm GMT..


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I'm pretty interested. Especially on the peds/vehicles tutorial.

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@TJGM; How much do you know already?

@Boris The Vodka' 95Mbit is pretty good, Do you run your own web /file server? Edited by X-Seti


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I once tried to convert Half-Life 2 model to GTA SA, changing the bones and stuff, complicated stuff, and it didn't work :p

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Not a whole lot. I assume doesn't know a whole lot either judging by his post. :p


EDIT: I think one of the easiest ways right now would be teaching people how to convert models from other games, before getting into actually making a model yourself.

Edited by TJGM
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I did start peds before I got to know more about mash /poly modelling. I hope to show everyone it's easy to do, anyone can model with 3dsmax.


I also need to show where all the gadgets vortex tools and importantly where the snaps tools are.

Back at 3pm.


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I am here. Where is everyone.




I was unsure who would be here and who wouldn't, I should have gone with the 5 people who turned up around 12pm, however you needed time to download the tools and scripts.


I am put off teaching people how to convert models because in the end this can also be counter productive given all the bugs in the max scripts. If your going to use 3dsmax for anything your best to create from scratch..

Edited by X-Seti


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I'm here, I got it working, though I'm not able to download that SA textures in bmp. thing, It's big and it'll take some time to download.

Edited by Prince Gumball
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@Prince Gumball; we do not need the textures right now. we can apply these later.

Edited by X-Seti


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Right-click an empty grey area to bring up this and select snaps



Edited by X-Seti


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Done, made the the door and windows, use extrude on the window with -0.5, but it looks smaller than the one you showed though, and I think my door is kinda too big.


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One step at a time, I will show how to texture after we do poly editing.

@Prince Gumball;

Seems you have that in the bag - We can move on from face mash editing to poly editing. This will allow us to form the shapes like adding a roof onto your model.


I will be updating the tut on this thread later today.

Edited by X-Seti


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Sorry, my 3dsmax has been crashing lately, something about DXDDX.bmi or something like that.

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Reinstall Direct X, failing that just reinstall 3dsmax.


I've never seen that error before, but I do know the scripts sometimes output errors of which you can ignore.


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I just downloaded Autodesk 2014 student version. Maybe you can help me when I have questions.

Can you say me if something like this is possible ?. I always wanted to make the roads more curvy :D



Maybe you can explain what I will need. Also i would like to experiment just a bit



I have never used 3ds max before and just read your tutorial and tried to make a skyscraper :D


Edited by Semih95
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Better curves means you have to use more faces in the turned areas, Turn on faced edges on the perspective view so you can see what I mean (those faces for the curves are made up of triangles). looks like there is 5 on the outta edge of that road and less are you move towards the tight inner corner. You'll need about 30 to make the curve better. try it :).


The sky scraper is a very good start m8. try things out and if it looks to big in game you can always scale you object down or you could import a building from the game and compere scale again your building.


Well done.


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But I have some problems. First I donßt understand this scripts. How to use them ? i have 2014 version and I read that some scripts dont work ... which scripts do I need to import dff and export it again ? BTW How do I know the name of the dff and txd of the roadfiles I want to edit ? I want to make some experiments in Whetsone (I hope its the name of the small town in the southwest side :D )

Edited by Semih95
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Working on the next stage of the tutorial.


Editing posts.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for this extremely well detailed tutorial X-Seti. Seems interesting so far. I'll surely try it.

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I've moved all these tuts over to the GTAF tutorials section.


@Admin; I forgot to unpin these posts before I moved these into this section of the forum. My apologies.

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  • 9 months later...

I'm pretty interested. Especially on the peds/vehicles tutorial.

if you want to edit peds you Can watch video on YouTube that is awsome tutorial editing ped models just google it
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