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The Ultimate Bounty.. and then a harsh betrayal


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So I start up a new session.. and there are only a few people online, 6 players including myself.

One guy sitting idle in his apartment/garage,

one guy who's some random kid who's on my friends list,

two guys together on the beach killing one another every couple minutes (im assuming fist fighting and using the 'jerk' gesture simultaneously),

and then one lone bounty who apparently went unnoticed and felt safe enough to buy new clothes.

So, I choose my new favorite car, the Jester, and set out after that bounty.

As I leave my Weazel Plaza apartment, I see the High Priority vehicle is a couple blocks away. I snag it to use on my bounty hunting adventure, leaving my poor jester behind.

Suddenly an armoured truck spawns vloseby and I make a quick 8 grand.

I wait for a second for another armored truck but there isn't, so I take a look on my radar for the bounty, who is still enjoying the clothing store.

Taking the HPV, I call up Lester to remove my wanted level so I can come in quietly.

Next, I roll up to the clothing store to see the bounty is just sitting there close to the doorway within shooting range. But to shoot him right there would be cheap.

I get out the car, parking it nicely, and place a sticky bomb on the front bumper.

I run across the street to hide in an alleyway.

I request personal vehicle for my quick escape.

I call up Lester again, this time to go Off the Radar.

I slowly raise my sniper rifle, I have the bounty in my scope but no... instead I headshot the store clerk, interrupting my target from picking a new suit.

Confused, the bounty looks around for whoever shot the clerk, but not seeing me on radar, he slowly walks outside, aiming his gun left and right but seeing no attacker.

Now, my target takes the obvious route... taking the HPV which is readily available. Ya know, even though a random sniper shot just went off leaving a dead body in front of him, and the predamaged HPV with already broken window mysteriously showed up out of nowhere right outside the store.

I give my bounty a few seconds to start driving off down the street..... and BAM.

Sticky bomb goes off, HPV bait is wrecked, bounty dies in the explosion, and I am rewarded 9000 bucks.


On a side note, to add to my luck of hitting up the HPV, robbing an armoured truck, and collecting a bounty within 5 minutes or so, I am notified a crate has just dropped. Map shows my random friend who I mentioned is on his way already. I hop in my Jester which is ready nearby for me, and I manage to arrive at the crate at the same time as my friend does. He's shooting out the random attackers as I show up and get out my car. He's literally 10 feet away from picking up that damn crate when I suddenly blast him with my shotgun and his body falls right beside the crate. I picked up a guilty feeling 2000 bucks, 4000 rp, and RPG ammo. He unfriended me after that. I then left the lucky session I had just raped and pillaged in favor of starting fresh in a different server, a brand new day of GTA Online.

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Misanthrope Z

why do people want Human Papillomavirus anyway, sh*t's really overrated.

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Now that aint nice

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