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GTA Triskelions- Recruiting


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GTA Triskelions


Hello forum brothers!

Are you tired of playing alone?
Players with no mics?
Attacked by annoying players?
Find yourself the only good player on the team?
or maybe not having as much fun as you did before and just want some excitement and friends to play with?


Our Crews main goal is to have the most fun as possible because after all that is what games are made for. Here are some things we shall do in the process to not only have fun but to also make money which is greatly needed for online play.


Crew/Clan Battles

Heists (When Released)
Community Events

Fist Fights & Melee

Racing Squad
Custom emblem designs


Mic - We are a team. We need to talk.
Age - any

Availability - at least be on 3x a week.

Uniform - any of yellow clothings

Attitude - Be Nice and accepting of others. No Drama.


Military State

For those who want to focus on objective type matches such as capture or maybe just attacking other military type crews for the hell of it using strategic moves.


Air force & Navy are included but mainly you will be on the streets of LS. As a Soldier of the streets you will mainly focus on TDM games and Obj.

Soldier of the criminal sort taking on tasks with precision while being fired upon in a Convenient Store either by A.I police or players.

MOB Family

for those who are looking for the good ol' fashioned crew the true gangsters themed type deal. We offer this sect with it;s own unique set of rules the other different clubs don't abide by.

The Mob is Free to do as it is directed after all it is a crime organization. COP CLANS are liable o become an ENEMY as in history they were.

Crew Wars

Conflict is inevitable and unavoidable but when a crew just keeps on and even if we beat them in a match they still persist we retaliate in a Free Roam War or a serious of battles.

Free Roam War.

NO Passive.
NO Hiding in Garages and etc.

Really sounds like fun more than anything else....


That is right! It was rough starting out in the LS. Being rushed at times by others killing you countless times and blowing up your ride, not to mention getting enough money to afford anything and on top of that ranking up and getting weapons that do damage.

How could you have your way with a hooker without being blasted by some J#%* off?

Our Crew welcomes the low levels! I know your pain.we will work our best to protect you because it is ridiculous.

Those who however do not have that issue anymore take pity on them. Join and help us out fight against D Bags.


IF you are interested by my advertisement then by all means hit me up online or my inbox, we hope to hear from you and join us to shake things up online!

Social Club Link



leave a message if my Friends List is Full!!!!!!


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