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help with the free packs


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why when i play offline it does not le me use the free packs like beachh bum paack or massacre special? :blink:



iwould thank you guys if you can provide me with the solution for being able to use once again the free packs :lol:

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I'm bumping this since the "best answer" wasn't a solution for my problem.


My Xbox can't connect to the Internet on a regular basis. I have to place it by my PC to get it online, but most of the time it sits in my living room with the best equipment, but no Internet connection (too far away and bad wifi connection, but thats not the problem here). So I just unplug the XBOX now and then, carry it over to my PC, download all the available patches and hook it back to my equipment in the netless living room.


My problem is that I can't keep any of the DLC items at once. After the latest patch, I get to keep the DLC weapons and seemingly the cars as well, but neither the 50. pistol nor the blimp pre-order bonus. The flight school in Senora Desert doesn't work either. Everything works just fine when I'm online - only that I don't want to play then, because of the inferior setup.


So just to get this straight - once I connected my XBox to Rockstar Social Club, there is no turning back? No more blimp and no more big gun as long as I play offline? That sucks immensely and I can't believe that thats the case.


Is there any chance to play offline with ALL the items I downloaded via DLCs AND pre-order bonus?

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