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Racing leaderboards: Different times display for Global/Friends/Crew


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Sorry if this has been answered before, but I just decided to look at the racing leaderboards for a particular track while I was playing gta on the PS3. Before the race loaded (or after the race you can do this too), I pressed R1 to see the leaders. They have a global, friends, and a crew leadeboards section. On this one particular track, I got a 1 minute 20 or something. Under global, it has me ranked and shows the right time. Under friends, it has me ranked and shows the right time. But under crew, on the same screen, it shows my time being 1 minute 40 something instead of the quicker time I got. I then switched crews in-game just to see if it would do anything, and it does the same thing where it shows the right time for global and friends but in this case for the crew leaderboards it just shows my name and blanks (dashes) for the time and rank.


My question is for the crew rank for racing in the leaderboards screen in-game, does it only show how you rank against other crew members if you actually raced them in that particular race? Meaning, you actually had to compete in a race against them on that track for it to count towards a ranking and to display a time for that track? That would explain why they show different times for crew leadearboards in-game vs the global/friends leaderboards. And it would also explain the blanks that sometime appear under the crew leaderboards, designating that you have not raced a crew member on that track.

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