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Serious Street racers come join ! /cops And Street racers


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im hosting a game for every street racer out there on the xbox 360 so if intrested to race people chill and do what you love come play my gamertag is XX7BLAZIN7XX add if you want too play. if theres any Serious cops out there that are willing to play as cops like cops and street racers so if intrested add me and say street racer or cop so i know your role and ill invite you to a party and this also will be on video so come and have fun !!!






COPS: uniform

hats: none


pants: any cargo pants

and a body armor standard

shoes any and glasses any too



Street Racers

can wear anything



Street Racers Role : pick your car sports or super really any favourite car you have and just drive around and race other racers or become friends and start a meet

text all street racers if you start a meet.



COPS Role : grab a cop car and get the uniform and start pratroling the streets stop meets but cant kill unless you see weapons out or if doing reckless driving no blowing up cars and just roleplay








1. No Killing unless for a good reason

2. No CDM

3. No pop tires/blow up cars

4. street racers no more one the same car

5. have fun !

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