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Do I have to use the new cars for a 50% RP bonus in races?


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Nope, any race with any vehicle should do it.

land races

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I think you get an ADDITIONAL 50% for using a new vehicle...

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I don't even know anymore. If your a loud mouth glitcher you get the red carpet but if you glitch when no one is looking you get an ass whippin'.



... Well It says "ALL Land Races".. but then in the middle says "Race sports cars from the update"... god only knows...


You probably have to drive in reverse to get the 50%..


For air it does say "any other"... god only knows because R* doesn't. They just code it and however it comes out let the PR team figure out how to describe it.

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I think it's both. Land races are extra RP for anything, but drive a "BU" car and get an additional bonus.

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Maybe their doing like they do with every other car in the game and including them in the racers. Hell I'm playing as a lvl 8 yet I get go jump in a super car which I am no where near the lvl to buy it.

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