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Map should be more... "spread out"


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I hope you know what I mean.


I think the whole map feels quite "compressed". The paleto forest for example. It's way too near Alamo Sea/the desert. There should be more space between forest/paleto/Chiliad and Sandy Shores/Alamo Sea/desert.


And the desert itself is way too near Los Santos. The whole map should be more spread out/a bit bigger (yes it's already massive, hope you know what I mean..). It all feels so.. I don't know.. yeah. Compressed. The transission from vineyard/forest to desert is too fast in my opinion.. It all should be more separated from each other and the whole map should be more.. extensive, straggly, spacious.


More space between all those hills (maybe one or two towns in between), etc..


Hope you know what I mean, I'm not saying the map is small, it's big as hell. Just hard as f*ck to explain if English is not your native language. ;)

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