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he Daniels Boy MC (DBMC) are looking for new blood. We are small with no desire of becoming one of those 1000 member crews. We'd rather have 10 people we can count on then 1000 that don't even know each other. If you are tired of being just another face in a crowd come join a crew where loyalty actually means something.


We help members level up, earn money, bounty hunt and just have fun. We support one another and never backdown from a fight.


We ask the following


-Honest players only. Cheating or glitch using is not tolerated.

-Have a Mic.

-PS3 only.


Would be nice if you had:

-At least one chopper style bike in your garage.

-At least one carnival mask.


Both men and women players are welcome


Friend request Old_Number_07 or solomoncrow on PS3 if you want to join in the mayhem




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Black & White

The Irish Anarchists are willing to offer an alliance. My PSN is IRMC-SMOKEY.

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Can't seem to find you or your crew on the social club. Send me a message or friend request on there.

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