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GTAForums lite skin?


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Hello all,


I've pitched a bitch about this briefly before in the OGA but lately I've been feeling like it really deserves a topic. This site is far to resource intensive. I'm on a fiber optic connection so I know the issue is not with my internet speed. I am also behind a firewall but I experience no issue with other websites. Only GTAForums.com


The PC I am currently using is an older model but its far from ancient. I'm using an Intel Celeron processor running at 1.8GHz. I'm running Windows 7 and I've got 2GB of RAM. This is my work PC.


When I go home I'm on a slower internet connection, but I am on a considerably more powerful machine. I experience no issues when I'm at home. This leads me to believe that this website basically can't run (well) on anything older than a machine from about 2008. Which is a tad crazy.


When I scroll, I don't get a smooth scrolling motion from the page. I get choppy seizure inducing images. When I quote a post I get to look at green dots blinking at the top of the page endlessly until I just give up. When I move from one forum to the next I am faced with a loading time that makes me feel like it's 1999 again and I'm using a Pentium machine with 56k dialup and my trusty copy of NetZero.


This website is massively and embarrassingly inefficient. It looks pretty, and when I'm on a machine that can handle it, I like it. Not everyone can handle it though. I can't even begin to watch a YouTube video that is embedded here. It's just to much.


Guys and girls, there really needs to be a stripped down version of this site that normal computers can handle.

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Sometimes on the old forum I used the really classic ones, the ones that looked like you were using Win 98. I liked it because browsing this site was very fast so I must ask this question.


Why not?

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You could upgrade the CPU, motherboard and RAM. Though I understand that this isn't a possibility for those who can't afford these more powerful components. I do agree that the hardware for computers these days are overly expensive. I also agree with you, that there should be a version of the site for low-end systems, however that'd cause more work and trouble. IP.Board has become more advanced since v1.3 and v2.3.

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