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New weapons included in DM creator?


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I haven't had time to make a new DM since the patch.


Can we now place special carbine and heavy pistol weapon pick-ups in DM's?

Also, are these two weapons available in the forced weapon option?


If so, can we add them to already published DM's and simply republish them?

I may want to go back and add them to some of my DM's.


Thanks in advance

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still cannot matey. neither can u add vehciles as props in races or even add all the cars in the game to the DMs


soon as the do that nuketown 1920s getting Z-types n Roosevelts n tommy gunns obv.


Fubn R* holding back the goods

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Well to be fair, it is "beta" so limitations are expected.


I'm really looking forward to the update. I'm hoping it is going to be a full/non-beta version and not just a few add-ons like LTS or missions with similar beta restrictions.


Dont get me wrong I'm up for any update, but I'm hoping for the full deal.

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